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bones_icons's Journal

Bones icons
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All Members , Moderated
- 206_bones
- boreanaznews

community rules
- 3 icons per post, the rest goes behind a cut.
- spoilery icons go behind a cut, period. one week is the limit.
- you may link to your own journals if you wish :)
- do not direct link anyone's icons.
- be nice; give the icon makers a nudge and comment on their hard work even if you don't take any of the icons.
- credit the icon makers as you upload the icon; put their username in the comments section.
- other graphics (wallpapers, headers and most importantly caps because we need those): feel free to post them here as well, behind a cut! be sure to include icons in your post.
- oh. don't mess with the tags. no tagging, please.
- no community pimping. this is not a place where you can advertise.